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Hi there!

I'm Alison Lin.
Moving from a marketer to a product designer,
Where I found my passion really is.


My Works

MEMO banner 2.png

Creators Market


We built a platform for illustrators to upload their artwork and cooperate with them. Meanwhile, the company-end is able to manage all partnered illustrators more efficiently with the backend management system on the platform.

VOXI banner.png

Design & Redesign

Design an APP as a more direct channel for VOXI customers. Enhanced visual design, optimised user flow and put more emphasis on online customer service.


iOS Business Card
App Design

An app that provides business card organisation service. This app aims to facilitate more meaningful interpersonal communication by efficiently managing business cards and directly receiving digital information. Users are able to scan the paper business cards and label them into categories.


about me

Hello again, I'm Alison


12:00 pm

I have had a strong interest in organising PowerPoint since I was in university, enjoying making logical, aesthetic presentations. Until now, I decided to move from a marketer to a product designer. Constantly learning and adjusting. Hoping that user-centric design could bring our lives less inconvenience, more beautiful.


12:03 pm

I love travelling. Experiencing different cultures.

I love sports. Playing volleyball or watching football and Formula 1.

I love recording my life. Editing vlog or collecting ticket stub.

BTW, I don't like strawberries.


12:04 pm

A good design goes beyond appearances. It should solve problems efficiently and improve our daily lives.

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