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MEMOPRESSO Creators Market

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Marketing Assistant


UI Design

Workflow planning​


UI Design


One month (2021)


I had my first encounter with the UI/UX field when I was a marketer. The project was primarily built from scratch by me and another intern engineer. With the increase numbers of illustrators collaborating with us, we found that our previous method of managing partnered illustrators was not effective enough. As a result, we decided to create MEMOPRESSO CREATORS MARKET, a platform designed for both creators' use and internal management within the company. After several rounds of communication spanning approximately one month, the platform was officially launched. It effectively reduced communication costs with illustrators and improved internal management efficiency.



MEMOPRESSO is a company that offers photo printing services with a combination of social media and unmanned retail technology. Collaborating with hundreds of illustrators, they design over thousands of frames for people to decorate their photos and memories.

Defying Problems...

  • With the increasing number of partnered illustrators, company does not have sufficient manpower to update latest frame in time.

  • Marketer spend many time cost on back and forth communication about the design regulation to new partners.

  • partnered illustrators have no access to their sales details, resulting additional  communication costs for both parties.

  • Company occasionally offers specific plans to particular illustrators, which complicate the payout procedure.


  1. To reduce the extra time cost spending on communicating with single illustrators

  2. To manage collaborating illustrators in a systematic way

After the team discussion, it was determined that adding manpower was not a viable option. Additionally, there was a need for clearer information management regarding collaborating illustrators, allowing other team members to easily access the information. As a result, the following decision was made:


The design regulation will be published on the website. In addition, the platform allows illustrators  uploading their own artwork, which reducing the company's operational procedures simultaneously. Last but not least, the team will have access to the backend management of the platform.

Ideate & Design

A. Identifying platform users:

Collaborating illustrators



Offering more control to illustrators:

  1.  Upload the frames anytime themselves

  2. New collaborating illustrators are also able to register, upload their frames

To manage collaborating illustrators more effectively

B. Anticipated development features:

  • Upload the frames anytime by the illustrators themselves 

  • Publicise the design guideline

  • Unify the collaboration plans

  • Team members have access to the backend management of the platform

C. Information structures:

According to the features we would like to develop, we match the anticipated features with corresponding web features and place these key features of this project in the navigation bar:

Web features

Design Guideline

Anticipated development features

Publicise the design guideline

Upload info

Upload the frames anytime by the illustrators themselves 


Upload the frames anytime by the illustrators themselves 

navi bar.png

▲ The navigation bar on the top of the website

The "Market" is the existing marketplace that contains thousands of frames designed by collaborating illustrators, which can be great references for those illustrators who are interested in joining us.

In addition, I arranged five CTA buttons on the home pager to attract creators to learn more details and register their personal stores. 

▲ CTA on the home page

The overall information structure focuses on the login functionality, which includes uploading frames and payout procedures. Please refer to the image below for more details:

info structure.png

▲ Website information structure

D. UI Design

1. RWD Design: Home page

Mobile view

Tablet, web view

2. Register flow


3. Upload the frame


▲ Step.1 Choose a bottom  image


▲ Step.2 Choose an upper  image (optional)


▲ Step.4 Setting the price


▲ Step.3 Preview

(Switch the button to check the design)


▲ Step.5 Done. Waiting for review

If you are interested in visiting the platform, simply click the button below.

I will take you to MEMOPRESSO Creators Market :)


Looking back at this project after diving into the UI/UX field, there are some improvements we should do to have better efficiency at the time. For example, we should create a design kit to increase efficiency during modifications and enhance overall webpage consistency. During the project, I have learned the importance of simplifying the operational workflow, improving the platform's user-friendliness to retain creators.

After establishing the platform, managing collaborating illustrators becomes easier. Engineers are no longer the only window to provide the information for other team members. Team members can access the information by simply logging into the backend, reducing the burden on engineers and increasing overall team efficiency.


In the future, ongoing maintenance by engineers will be necessary, and the marketing team should listen to feedback from creators regarding platform usage to assess the need for adding or removing features.

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